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Trinity Pygmy Goats

A proud member of NPGAA 
The Association exclusively for the Pygmy Goat breeder in Australia
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Origin of the Pygmy

The Pygmy goat was developed from the West African dwarf goat, a landrace strain of Central and West Africa, found most commonly in the Cameroon Valley.

The Pygmy Breed were taken to Europe primarily by the British during the colonial era.

They were later imported into the United States from European zoos in the 1950s. Initially they were only displayed in the zoos and used in ruminant research programs. They were eventually acquired by private breeders and quickly gained popularity as pets and exhibition animals. In 1975 

The first pygmy Genetics was imported from Texas into Australia in 2012 by Semtech ABS.

In Australia they are fast becoming a popular  back-yard pets due to their good-natured personalities, friendliness and hardy constitution.

Two of the Imported bucks
MV P Mike
Miricle Valley Pygmys Mike. First import into Australia from the USA. Semen. Agouti colouor
Goose Meadows Preston
Goose Meadows Preston. tiny cute. quarantine.champion.Trinity
Pygmy Goat kid. Pygmy ears

T. Nancy Regan.  62.5% perfection

Trinity Nance Regan. percentage pygmy doe. well under height

Adult USA does

adult Pygmy does, solid colour
Trinity Karl Stefanovic
Grand Son of Foxy Bell

Trinity Bill Collins,  Frozen in time in Oklahoma and transplanted into a recipient here in Victoria.


Deans Funny Farm Ima Foxy Bell. A USA embryo Donor

Light grey agouti pygmy doe. Full Blood. Embryo donor. quarantine
wix 2_edited.jpg

Mike, Mike , Mike and more Mike.

The question I am often asked is what is the idea of constantly using the same sire and his sons in pedigrees.

Is it inbreeding?

Is it line breeding?

Are there problems?

In 1983 Elders Breeding Service(EBS) Tongala, Imported USA Holstein semen. We made Sons to progeny test, we also made high production Heifers. So now how to breed the top heifer portion. Put them to their  father or another import.

If EBS was not a farm making milk or dairy cows, where out crossing would be normal. EBS was a Bull Breeding Centre. Population geneticists were consulted to come up with the course of action.

It was for EBS to heavily line breed so that the dairy farmer could use our tightly bound lines, allowing our clients to do the out crossing.

The alternative option was for EBS to mix lines together now, so that daughter studs have no where to go other than a big mix.

The other reason for tightly binding a sire in the one line is because the daughter studs are using them on does that are from a totally different genetic population. The progeny will be a very diverse line showing immense variability and strength.

Because the Miniature goat Breeders have been so diligent in working to breed small goats, it appears easy to utilize them to incorporate the half dozen characteristics  particular to the Pygmy. The characteristics are easily visible and simply selected for in breeding programs.

At this stage of the industry, where importations require the death of the donors, I will be breeding Mike to his relatives  more times in the future, to try and recreate him. Geneticists call this test mating to the extreme. In some ways if he is carrying a lethal gene or cull fault it will become evident.

And the amazing thing about breeding a doe to her father one year, does not mean I have to repeat that mating over and over for ever. When the time comes about and she has done what she needs to do, she may be more suitable in another stud where her contribution may be in another direction altogether


A 2022 doe kid bringing through both the Swiss pattern and the Blotching  gene.

Trinity Gurrumul Yunupingu

Trinity Spots Alot

62.5% buck at 5 months old. Trinity. Pygmy. sale
Omar. Trinity pygmy. Spots. doe kid
2 month old buck kid. spots. Trinity. percentage

What is an Omar Goat.?

In 2012 I performed an AI program for a gentleman named Rod Omar. He wanted me to use a 3 legged small Nubian over a number of his miniature goats.

We both departed that day with a great appreciation of each others endeavours.

Rod was incredibly excited of my plan to import USA genetics and I was blown away with the crazy colours and excellent type of goat he was breeding.


Unfortunately Rod was suffering from cancer that was to rob him of his dream. He asked me if I would continue his project by taking on his stock.

The decision was made easier knowing that the WA Government had a very strict policy to maintain the highest health status of all regions in Australia. Rather than buy does from numerous mini studs 'Trinity' could commence with a very'clean' start, was very inviting.


Three months later 45 does were trucked from WA to Vic, to mother two generations of Pygmy cross kids.

RIP Rod.


I do not believe I have taken the longer path to reduce size, and have made the responsible decision to ensure that all progeny should be anatomically correct. Correct confirmation is important at any time, but especially at the beginning of a breed. Of all characteristics size appears to be the most highly inheritable and easy to visualise. and therefore to select for.

Omar doe. eyes. spots. confirmation
Omar doe. eyes. spots. confirmation

Spots are an Omar influence

Omar doe. eyes. spots. confirmation
Omar doe. eyes. spots. confirmation
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