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Contender Meat Goats

( A stablised Composite, using selected Aust. Rangeland, Sth African Boer and USA Myotonics )

Sierra, Full Blood USA Myo Doe

Rangeland/Boer X 
Myo quads
Commercial Boer Doe

Texas USA

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I know Doc, but unless you lived through it it hard to believe
1990s late
Dr Stewart starts to convert the Texan Sheep 4H industry into a gaot showing industry under the direction of Norman Kohls and crew.
The first  breeders that experiment with infusing other genes into the Boer use Angora, Nubian and Spanish, all coming with a ABGA pedigree.
2006 Enter a young Chap living in Witchita Falls, who had enough guts to introduce the Myotonic goat into the Boer Goat Breed. But still pedigrees were manufactured under Association pressure. But the next generation of bucks carried the Conitation to ARGO.
From 2007 pedigrees were gold but registartions were trashed.
2010 The infused combination of the Tennessee and South African genetics dominated the the winners podium
2013 The International Boer Goat Association goes into liquidation
Larry Duncan is elected President of the American Boer Goat Association. The ABGA continues to fail to attract members
2014 ABGA opens the Herd Book to allow Percentage blood lines to be incorporated into the sub quality Boer gene pool.
even for the mist conservative Boer breeder they are forced to use the New Genetics
All wether goat producers are using the myo infused lines, the genetic process is moving at a rapid rate.
There is a proliferation of photo shopped and tampered hair 
The insistance on keeping the stock tubular slows the rate of genentic progress


Prior to the 1980'S
The feral goat herd is recognised asa  resource of fibre and meat. Harvesting begins.
The cashmere industry imerges and so does the very first recognised selected meat breed, known as the Condobolin meat goat.
1990s early, the first Sth African Boer goats are relaesed from Semtech property Emerald and Terraweena Sth Australia.
Technical veterinary input primarily coming out of NewZealand, under the guidance of Dr Stewart Southwall
Immediatley the Brown headed Boer Goat (BHB) is accepted accross Australia. One venture displaces another, gone is the Condobolin Meat Goat.
During this period the South African Boer breeders were still infusing dairy goat bloodlines to improve milk and udders
1990s late
The incentive to drive the Boer genes into mass producing Boer goats was pushed by Chinese exports.
Kids with brown heads sprang up from grading programs and ET program as well as the obvious.
Dr Stewart sets a program for Colin Sewel ( Mericol Boers).  Colin asks me to go ahead of Dr S. to perform transcervical AI using frozen semen on the superovulated donors.
As a consequence of the results Dr S paved the way for my 20 year contribution to the USA Wether Goat Show industry.
2003 Helen Ypma imports the first import of Texan Angora gentics from Fred Speck. 
2012 Semtech enters the first USA Myotonic, Nigerian Dwarf, Pygmys and Dairy goats into a Texas Quarantine station to arrive in Australia for the 2013 breeding season.
Semtech imports a second shipment of USA genetics.
Ferals get branded Rangeland goats.
2016 Nick Van den Burg visits Texas and becomes a convert.
2017 Dr Ian Holmes DPI visits Texas and becomes a convert.
Ian Manwarring visits Texas and reinforces his effort to stay focused
A failed shipment does not make it to Australian shores
The Commercial Sector is watching and questioning, while the registered sector is quiet.
The first Contender Meat Goat Sale at Malleevale. The next attack from social media.
2021 The second Contender Meat goat sale.
No C19 Virus, the next level of stock available and close to full clearance.
The Commercial Industry insist on measurements to help discribe carcass traits. Contenders meet the market. BHB goats still talk tail set and femininity.
No longer are silohette photos reasonible. All photos need to be undoctored, taken to include, from behing and over the top.
2023 the Registered industry is being impacted.
Contenders start to infringe on the live export market.
2024 the BHB goat Associations begin to feel finacial strain and are losing market share, through lack of vision and poor leadership.
2025 Its make or Break time 
The facebook trolls vanish
The BHB goat associations change their .... to accept infusion percentages into the herd book
There is no longer a distinguishable difference between the BHB associations and they combine to remain viable.
2027 The Contender meat goat pushes too far with extremes and is forced to moderate the animal composition. The Breed is the prime meat breed in Australia and is in high demand all over the world.
2030 Semtech closes the doors for the last time and leaves the Project to the Manwarring sons
time machine.jpg
time machine.jpg

Rangeland/Boer X


Boer/Myo X
Building the Muscle 
Colour is not a selection criteria. His mother is a Black/Brown Rangeland Boer
A mixture of differently bred does
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